Finance Management

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One of the crucial factors that determine the success of financial management is the accuracy with which financial data is processed and forecasted. These data points are imperative considerations in the management’s decision making process. With a cloud based ERP software, robust, precise and conclusive analysis of financial data can be performed in a comprehensive fashion, by means of a single enterprise-wide database . According to a paper published by Allied Academics North Carolina (2019), integration of an ERP software can contribute to effective optimization and reconciliation of conflicting goals, standardization and streamlining of business processes. Establishment of any required controls to protect the financial assets of a business is also one of the key functions of an integrated ERP software.

Provision of real time information through ERP software can contribute to effective and timely decision making. According to the Fujian Institute of Financial Administrators (2016), Financial management APP can prove to be a valuable and indispensable asset for companies to successfully compete in a dynamic business environment.

Accounting and Invoicing

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Create online invoices, manage and track payments easily.

Automate Invoices

Once integrated with Sales, Invoices can be created automatically from sales orders and delivery orders.

Easy Credit Notes and Refunds

Create credit notes and refunds with just a click.

Manage Bills and Expenses

Track supplier bills and manage your future payments with no hassle.

Bank Reconciliation

Save time doing reconciliation, import bank statements and synced automatically.

Dynamic Financial Reports

Easily create Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements and Aged Partner Statements.

No More Manual Transactions

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