React Native Developer

Delhi, India

We are looking for a highly skilled React Native Developer who can create well-structured front-end architecture, APIs, and can also write reusable, and scalable JavaScript codes.


  • Design and implement user interface components for web-based and mobile applications using React ecosystem

  • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms Android and iOS.

  • Build app and UI components from prototypes and wireframes

  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native.

  • Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

  • Transition existing React web apps to React Native.

  • Create front-end modules with maximum code reusability and efficiency

  • Implement clean, smooth animations to provide an excellent user interface

  • Work with third-party dependencies and APIs.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode, Gradle 

  • Understanding of REST APIs, the document request model, and offline storage

  • Strong knowledge of React fundamentals such as Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, and component state.

  • A complete understanding of the full mobile app development lifecycle right from prototyping.

  • Knowledge of type checking, unit testing, typescript, prop types, and code debugging

  • Experience working with REST APIs, document request models, offline storage, and third-party libraries.

  • Understanding of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Knowledge of user interface design and responsive designs