Prepare Your Business for the Advent of 

5G Technology

With SmarTone’s recent announcement of 5G coverage in Hong Kong , our dreams of achieving faster and more efficient connectivity are finally being realized. With mobile data technology at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, businesses must be ready to embrace the imminent arrival of 5G and all it has to offer. 

In other words, it is imperative that we are prepared to welcome 5G technology into our everyday lives and business functions, regardless of industry or location. 

Some are even deeming the launch of 5G as the next big thing since the launch of the Internet.

In 2020, there are around 7.7 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide. This is a huge jump compared to 3.3 billion just 5 years ago, which is largely due to the deployment of 4G LTE. The advent of 5G technology will see the same effects, only on a much larger scale of impact.

The main difference between 4G and 5G is the newer generation’s ability to operate on a high-band spectrum as well as low-band and mid-band spectrums, which are used by the previous generations.

Another powerful feature of 5G is its software’s ability to perform computations at a much faster rate than its predecessors, without the need to upgrade any hardware. While 4G typically has download speeds of 20 Mbps, 5G is expected to reach 500 to 1500 Mbps almost instantaneously.

5G towers are also significantly smaller. At the size of a minifridge, it can now be placed in many different locations. In urban areas, 5G towers could be on every lamppost.

As a business leader, here are some steps you can take to maximize the benefits of 5G:

  • Create a 5G budget and prepare 5G-ready equipment for when there’s a full-scale launch

  • Consider the process or product changes that might be required for 5G technology

  • Check your current systems on their ability to integrate with 5G

  • Transfer all your systems and services to the cloud

  • Start brainstorming new digital opportunities for your business thanks to 5G availability

  • Ensure that all employees are familiar with 5G and how it can support business goals

  • Prepare for big developments in automation and artificial intelligence due to the lower latency of 5G. Work with engineers to automate areas of operations where machine learning/artificial intelligence can be applied

  • Ensure your company has the tools required for big data analytics, as there will be accelerated growth in data along with the development of automation and artificial intelligence

Reach out to Apping Technology and we can help you navigate through the new wave of digitalization and prepare your business to hit the ground running when 5G experiences a full-scale launch.

Written by Andrew McNaughton, Client Engagement Specialist

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